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Medical Management of Large Artery Disease

Understand the optimal medical management of patients with significant large artery disease as the cause of their stroke. Based upon the first ever ESO Educational Webinar, take this masterclass in secondary stroke prevention in patients with Large Artery Disease, led by Dr Linxin Li and Professor Peter Kelly.

Type of Course: Learning Module Year of Creation: 2022 Source: ESO Webinars Content Level: Core Topic

  • Table of Contents.pptx
  • Linxin Li
  • Peter Kelly
  • A Clinical Case
  • Recurrence risk in large artery disease
  • Case Discussion - Antiplatelets
  • Antiplatelet Treatment
  • Case Discussion - Blood Pressure
  • Blood Pressure
  • Case Discussion - Lipids
  • Lipids and lifestyle
  • Case Discussion - Other Vascular Beds
  • Inflammation and large artery disease
  • Novel Drug Treatments for Large Artery Disease
  • The Slides
  • The Case: Linxin Li
  • The Talk: Peter Kelly
  • The Quiz
  • Test your Knowledge
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  • All units must be completed