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2.4 Rare Causes of Stroke (2.4)

Collected talks on the Rare and unusual causes of stroke, their aetiology, investigation and management.

Keywords: Migraine, Intracranial Stenosis, PFO, Vasculitis, venous sinus thrombosis, COVID-19

Type of Course: Collection Year of Creation: 2020 Source: ESO-WSO Conference Content Level: Collection

  • Core
  • Ischemic Stroke in Pregnancy: Clots and Clot-Busters - Cheryl Bushnell
  • The Less Common Strokes in Pregnancy - Diana Aguiar de Sousa
  • Approaches to The Imaging of Dissection - Qi Yang
  • Primary CNS Vasculitis - Jana Becker
  • Functional Disorders in the Stroke Unit - Francesca Pezzella
  • Long Term Prognosis of Stroke in the Young - Merel Ekker
  • Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome - Predrag Stanarcevic
  • Young Stroke - rare events or common risk factors - Loes Rutten-Jacobs
  • Global Trends in Young Stroke - Annika Rosengren
  • Cerebral Vasculitis Arnold.mp4
  • Intermediate
  • Migraine and Stroke -what is the association - Marieke Wermer
  • Stroke and migraine - Aleksandra Pavlovic
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches to Monogenic SVD: Consensus Statement
  • Evolution of Stroke Aetiology in the Young - Maja Steinlin
  • HIV and Stroke - Rufus Akinyemi
  • Schlaganfall nach kardialen Eingriffen (in German) - Christian Nolte
  • Stroke in the Young due to Illicit Drug Use - Valerie Wolf
  • Genetics of Stroke in Young Adults - Steven Kittner
  • Clinical Genetics of Moya Moya Herve.mp4
  • Are patients with COVID-19 and acute ischemic stroke different? - George Ntaios
  • Advanced
  • Intracranial stenosis and transcranial Doppler ultrasound - Markus Kneihsl
  • Research
  • Stroke and migraine - Test your knowledge
  • Recommended literature on stroke and migraine
  • Nolte Christian
  • Ntaios George
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