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7.2 Vascular Cognitive Impairment (7.2)

The incidence, prevention and treatment of cognitive impairment after stroke and due to chronic cerebrovascular disease

Type of Course: Collection Year of Creation: 2021 Source: Collection Content Level: Collection

  • Core
  • Risk factors for delirium and cognitive impairment after stroke - Terry Quinn
  • Post-Stroke Cognitive Impairment - Amy Brodtmann
  • Predictors of Cognitive Decline Post Stroke - Monica Saini
  • Blood Pressure and Dementia - A Complex Relationship - Jan Willem van Dalen
  • Intermediate
  • Blood Pressure and Vascular Cognitive Decline – How Low to Go? - Jurgen Claassen
  • Imaging Biomarkers for VCI - Gert Jan Biessels
  • Temporal Evolution of Post-stroke cognitive impairment - Marco During
  • Lifestyle Interventions and the Risk of Dementia - Edo Richards
  • Advanced
  • Research
  • Network Dysfunction and VCI - Yael Reijmer - ESO 2018
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